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xili-tidy-tags 1.9: NEW tag grouping features

Here in demo:
xili-tidy-tags 1.9 introduces new grouping features using core WordPress functionalities.

The screenshot above is explicit 😉

If you click tag ‘editor‘, under the Tags Archives title, for demo (as a list), link to another tags in other languages (here only french).
The navigation menu is also improved and language (here flag) redirect to another tag of the group in the target language.

Don’t confuse new multilingual group (tags with the same meaning but in a different language) and tidy tags groups (tags grouped under a word (semantic group like trademark) or a language (english or german,…). Imagine a tag ‘red’ grouped with ‘rouge’ and ‘rot’, with new function it is possible to display the group and to find a tag in another language (rouge in french…).

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