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Authoring options for help during translation

This 2013 child theme uses an improved class including features to help authors during translation.

Today, by default, if you create a french post as translation from an english, all the categories are copied to the new post ready to receive the translation.

According content rules, it is sometimes possible to copy also the post-format and more. The seven options are:

  1. Post Format: here, it is a copy but with a filter, the developer can change the rules
  2. Page template
  3. Comment Status
  4. Ping Status
  5. Post Parent: In this case, you must be sure that the current post has a parent AND the parent has his own translation because it will the ID of this translated parent that will be copied… CMS design requires 😉 !!!
  6. Order: reserved for hierarchical post as page,
  7. Featured image: Linked translated post will have the same featured image, (try to find the translated media).

These new options are visible since Appareance/Xili-Options/ menu, screenshot below:

Authoring Options
Authoring Options