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News about versions and new features

xili-language version 2.10.0

What news in xili-language version 2.10.0 ?

The main improvement concerns permalinks feature and core mo files insertion inside WP installation.

mo files insertion in the 4th tab of xili-language settings

Automattic servers and GlotPress servers were recently changed and availables files were moved. This version incorporates new rules to recover language files of core and embedded themes (like Twenty Twelve, Thirteen…)

new class for language slug inside permalinks

What is a permalink with language slug ?

It is an URI containing language slug (or alias) between site root and query :


IMPORTANT:  if your theme includes this feature, before updating, contact dev.xiligroup, to obtain the good version of file to update the theme sub-folder functions-xili.

some fixes and improvement in source code

versioning rules,

screenshots were moved in assets (and not in zip package),…


xili-language version 2.9.20 : a new insertion point in navigation menu

Previous versions of xili-language introduce new features to build multilingual navigation menu:

  • insertion point to insert everywhere languages list in navigation menu (2.8.8),
  • insertion point to insert sub-selection of pages according current language in navigation menu (2.9.10)

Now, in the version 2.9.20, it is now possible to insert another menu at a chosen insertion point in a menu. The live result will be selected according current language. Why this new feature ?
Some themes are uneasy to modify and it is impossible to clone the navigation menu location for each language. With this Menu insertion point feature, another menu (structure) (without location) will be live inserted according current language. So the resulting menu content will different from one language to another.

The first thing to do is to attach a menu structure to a location (named main-menu here for the explanations and attached to primary location).
In case of a bilingual location, two menu structures must be created with names like french-menu and english-menu. Inside these, menu items can be inserted (by example french pages inside french-menu and …).
With these three elements, it is now possible to create the Menu insertion point and place it inside the main-menu. Before adding to menu structure, french-menu will be selected to french and english-menu to english. After adding move the point to the right place inside menu structure.

Some screenshots :

Menus Selection before adding to Menu
Menus Selection before adding to Menu
Insertion point added to menu structure
Insertion point added to menu structure

Insertion point can be at every place: on first or second level in menu structure. With this nice feature, it is possible to create amazing multilingual menu !

Note: to avoid unwanted side effect, insertion point inside menu assigned to insertion point are not live built.

1.0.2: an improved theme xili-options class, a better UX (user experience) !

In previous version, it was necessary to be rigorous to set header image per language (suffix in filenames). With 1.0.2 and improved multilingual classes for theme, it is now easy to upload (crop) header image and choose the language assigned to each header image.

Advantages :

  • free file naming,
  • possible to crop image before to set it as Header Image,
  • option to disable temporary image switching according current language,
xili options theme 1.0.2
xili options theme 1.0.2 with accordion settings page and new header images choices.